Choose Between Energy Companies

Before restructured, the only energy companies that existed were the ones that were controlled by state governments. Energy Smart PTY Ltd The intention of this was to protect consumers. However, as the economy became more complex in the United States, many states decided that it was in the best interest of consumers to deregulate power and natural gas. The hope was that competition between multiple power companies would drive prices down as they sought to gain customers in a newly opened consumer market.

So far, this has worked in the twenty six states that have restructuring energy. People in these states can literally shop around for the best natural gas and electricity rates. However, people have to be wise in how they shop. The impulse buy can get you on your power and gas bill just as quickly as it can get you in the checkout line at the grocery store.

Do not be carried away by the negative things you read about energy companies, either. You dig deep enough in the search engines, and you find something negative has been reported about practically all of them. This is because humans, when they suffer from a lack of awareness, instinctively lash out by blaming others. This is not to be scolded or condemned, but it needs to be understood so we can be wise in choosing which power company to work with, as opposed to getting stuck in a quagmire of sticky, negative emotions.

The best thing that people can do for themselves when choosing a power company is to study every company’s website in detail. This includes reading blogs and press releases and posted testimonials. Most importantly, it means studying the rate plans offered by that power company. There are fixed and variable rates listed on each website. Terms of service and contracts (when they apply) are also stated.

Stipulations and exceptions are also posted, and you have to read these as well.

Then, you have to test what you read by talking to a live customer service agent. It is not legal for energy companies to post lies. So, do not approach them as liars. Approach them as people who may or may not have clearly explained all the facts on their website. Ask them to confirm your understanding of what you have read by asking them directly if you have gotten a clear picture of what they have stated in writing.

If they do not understand your questions, or if they do not give you direct, clear answers that make you feel confident, then ask to speak to a supervisor. If you feel that the next person you talk you is ambiguous or uninformed, then continue to shop though all the energy companies you have already researched.

When you find one that makes you feel confident that what you understand in writing is clearly fact as it is stated, then choose the organization that combines the best possible price, the best possible contract terms, and the best live customer service if and when you do need to call with a consumer concern of any kind.

You may not end up with an energy company that has the rock bottom cheapest rate. You may need to pay a little more for more flexible contract terms and better customer service. However, you will never regret paying the best possible price for the best possible service once you know you have made a truly conscious, informed decision.